Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Iron Core CrossFit

An other fun Crossfit event where I was lucky enough to vend.  Having known the owner of Iron Core CrossFit; Jason Walsh as one of my first trainers from Flower City CrossFit I already new that this was gonna be a good time.  And that it was.  I watched a lot of athletes go at it in four person teams; all ages and ethnicities just having fun while getting an amazing work out in all at the same time.
This is what really gets my attention about CrossFit is that people are having fun!  It is such an intense work out that you share with everyone because they are doing the exact same thing as you.  It creates an environment that you can share experiences with others and help grow the community.   And when I say community I mean in and out side the gym. 

177 Tapas

 This restaurant is more than just a bite a drink and a dance.  If your looking for an experience then this is what you have to come see to believe.  
The feeling is more like you are on vacation in the inner city of some festive Spanish town.  The staff greets you like you are a celebrity and the dim set atmosphere with the ambiance of a romantic scene definitely more than sets the mood.   Right before  you meet that beautiful person who makes the night go by like a dream.
Lucky me I go there often and I do feel as if the the staff has to be the funnest group of people I have ever met.  I always feel like there is something special going on in there.
I have been fortunate enough to have had art shows there and I truly believe this place has helped set my career in the path I have been waiting for.

Quads N Gladiators

Quads and Gladiators is an idea given to me by Jeff Rice the Owner of Flower City CrossFit.  I have been going there for over four years now.  I just started attending these tournaments per the request of Laura Rice to vend at their in house competition.  I was blown away by the amount of people interested in wearing some GodsNGladiators gear.  By the time they hosted the WNY Masters Team Throwdown I was more than excited to attend as a vendor.  The Gladiators are making their way in to the CrossFit community.  It seems a great fit and I have a lot of fun vending while watching these amazing athletes take it to the next level in the arena.
Per the suggestion of my box owner Jeff Rice at Flower City CrossFit I have designed the "Quades N Gladiators"