WNY Masters Team Throwdown at CrossFit Webster

 Tournaments like the WNY Masters Team Throwdown where I sold a ton of the Gladiator Helmet Tee's thanks to Laura Rice of CrossFit Webster is all about proving that age is just a number in the CrossFit world.  I can say it is a great example of how the CrossFit community have shown that there are no boundaries in fitness.  The fact that there is such a wide age demography shows you how the community breaks social stigmas and gets everyone under one roof.  There is a big sense of community and I really enjoy it. 
The referees for the Masters Throwdown repping my gear 

The WNY Masters Team Throwdown is the first of it's kind competition in Western New York.   This 4-person (2 men, 2 women) event will consist of 3 WODs spaced throughout the day.  All teams and all team members will participate in  all 3 WODs - no elimination rounds! 
The event is open to masters athletes and "almost masters" athletes - the only catch is that your team's total age on the day of the competition must be equal to or greater that 160 years.  So for example, if your team consisted of athletes aged 40, 43, 45, and 33, the total team age would be 161 years old which would qualify.  Again, the total team age has to be at least 160 years old.
Intense as hell & quite a show.  And the benefits these competitions create are great for the community.  From making friends to applying these crazy physical techniques to mentally stressful day to day situations.

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